Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crazy People

There are some crazy *** fouls in this world. Kelly & I were heading to the hospital to pick up lunch. We walk out the office door and hear this loud screaming and whaling. We walk about the office and see cars stopped and people getting out of their cars. There was this Mid aged black women standing on the sidewalk just whailing and cried. We run out to the cars. It turns out that some Damn homeless fool who was probably just released from the hospital for probably the same stupid STUNT. He had been trying to get someone to hit them with their vehicle. Witness state he had tried to jump infront of at least 4 other vehicles before she came along. This nice hard working woman probably on her lunch hour or heading back to work had her life come to s stand still and just fall to pieces in the blink of the eye. This woman how now go it in her head that she hit this man how she probably did not even touch just so he could get a dry place to sleep. When I walked he had no visable signs of an injury. I have worked accidents and stuff like that and he just looked like he had put himself there. He looked too uninjuryed. I you wer hit by a car you are going to have some damage to yourself or the vehicle. We did not see either. This poor woman will be tramatized for a long time. She is going to keep seeing this fool. Why I think he was just released from the hospital was because he had a belongings bag from the hospital and he had fresh stitches about his right eye. Our local forcast say scattered showers for the next 5 days. Homeles, desperate people will do anything to keep dry or warm. Their minds think that if they can get into the hospital for a few days they will be warm, dry and feed. This little stunt to keep dry has seriously crashed a womans life. She will never be the same. My heart goes out to here..

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