Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Home at last

We have finally arrived back in Florida. It took us about 18 hours to get home. We left Kernersville, North Carolina about 7am on Monday towards home. About 1 1/2 down the I-40 highway Cody did something to his paw & would not put weight on it. The night before he took on Carolyn's kitty Shelby & she got in a little claw action. That morning he walked fine. We think he may have twisted his wrist or IV Grace sat on it. We took him to an Emergency Vet in Durham, North Carolina. Exam & X-rays showed lots of inflammation but no fractures. The Vet stays it could be a sprain or infection for the cat scratch. So we started back on the road with X-rays, Medications & bandaged puppy back on the road home. We did really well weather wise until we hit South Carolina & the rain started. The winds & rains from Frances were strong & relentless. It was hard to control the car. We decided to stop in Brunswick, Georgia for some gas & decided to check on a room. Boy did we get lucky, the second to last sweet. It had a king-size bed & a juccuzi tub (great for those tired driving leg).. If you come across a Guest suites & cottages it is worth the money. We started back on the road at about 7:30am this morning. The ride was pretty smooth & at a steady a steady pace. We made it our of the rain around St. Augustine. We made in home just after noon. As we drove done wickham road we noticed long lines of cars at the gas stations supervised by local sheriff officers. Trees littered the medians & sidewalks. Once home we saw what our neighbors had loss. The unit that our house faces had a lot of damage. Every unit has roof damage further complicated by water damage. Outside they had piles of roof shingles, furniture, carpet and padding. Sounds of hammers & chainsaws echoed throughout the neighborhood. To add insult to injury a feeder ban brought more rain to the area. Our house looks like it survived pretty well. We are missing some soffiets, torn screen & some water damage to the back porch. Per my office manager the office has partial power now, no a/c & water damage in the front from who knows were. We are all pretty lucky it was not worse..

here are some pictures I took today:

Travel with the puppies... They did pretty well. Sleep the whole time we were on the highway. I highly recommend a book call The AAA guide for traveling with pets 2004. It helped greatly. Worth the $15.

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