Monday, September 27, 2004

When will we return to normal????

Well Hurricane Jeanne has  come & gone. And she has put a hurting on this area. There are about 207,000 people back out without power. Shingles once again little the streets. Street light on the side of the road, missing from their usually hanging place. Blue tarps are becoming an everyday sight especially since there is even more roof damage. There is a one lane section missing out of US hwy 1 in Melbourne & huge sections missing between Malabar & Barefoot Bay that was washed out by the Indian River. The Communities of Sebastian, Barefoot Bay & Vero Beach took a second very hard beating. One of the schools serving as a shelter lots it's roof in the middle of the storm. They had to move all of the occupants to the college to ride out the rest of the storm safely. It is still 2 months until Hurricane season is over for this year. Will it ever end?????

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