Friday, November 28, 2008

I know this is late.. but

Happy Turkey day. Hope all of you filled your tummy with some great food. And since today is Black Friday. I hope all of you got the gifts you set out for. I must say I kept my butt in bed cuddling a puppy who was not letting me get out of bed. But my body agreed with Cody. I am still sore from putting up the Christmas lights. This is my holiday display. My zoo has been set out for this season. My blow up snowman, 2 bears, 2 penguins, 3 geese, 4 deer and a over sized card. I am pretty proud of it. I did 95% of it myself along with trimming the trees. Thing to remember trim the trees the weekend before. Our holiday tradition is on Thanksgiving I stay outside and put up the holiday decorations and mom watches the parades, cooks and comes out and holds the ladder when I do the crest of the front of the roof line.

These two are my favorite. My little helpers. The first is Cody watching me. The second is I.V. Grace seeing what mommy is doing on in the cold and dark. Silly Mommy.
Today a friend from High school who I talk on-line to all the time stopped by. He lives in Pennsylvania and is down for the holiday. If you know my dogs, you know I.V. Grace is the flirt and cody is usually outside barking at the guest. Not with Colin, Cody walked right over and sat his furry little but on his lap. He just sat down right next to him and let him pet him. Cody is never like that. He is afraid of everyone. Nope he likes Colin. What a change in that little man. It was great to see Colin. I hope I get to see him before he heads back up north.

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