Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Looky what I am getting. Well almost. I am getting this in Metallic Blue.. About 6 months ago I broke my phone. My little phone had a smashed front screen (Keep phone out of pocket with pens in them). And lately I have been doing a lot more texting. I have Nokia 6102. Man has it taken a beating. When I got it part of the antenna would pull off. Then broke the front screen. Then I dropped it and the top part of the phone was loosened enough that it pops of frequently. Oops. Now I can not wait to get it here. I am ready to play. It has a touch screen and will be so fun to play with. I purchased some cases to help protect it and a screen guard. I got a clip and a car and travel charger. The poor mail man is going to be crazy by the time I get this thing.

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