Friday, November 21, 2008

A little of everything..

So an update on my uncle Bobby. He is not doing well. His transplant went well. Did you know that if you receive a bone marrow transplant and your donor has a different blood type, your blood type changes to match the donor? So he was doing well for a little over a week. Then he started retaining fluid and running a fever of 104.7 (brain frying temp). Now his blood pressure keeps dropping. They had to cardiovert him the other night and last night they think he might have had a heart attack. He is delirious - folding towels and shooting things (He is a police officer). He is having problems reconizing people. So hopefully things will start getting better for him and Frances.

I got my new phone and have already put a ding on the case. Oops.I can not wait for my case and clip comes in soon. This is the coolest phone. I really like it.

As you notice on the right side of my blog the Twilight widget has run out. Yes the movie is now in theaters. First off there is a Harry Potter 6 movie trailer in it... Second it was a great movie. It really followed the book and I am glad for that. I really did enjoy it. Alice is still my favorite. I think they could have changed to some of the characters a little. Like Jasper.. he is almost Edward scissor like. Just very stiff. Totally freaky. And what was with Edward's hair. That kinda makes him stand out. Otherwise they are pretty much what I saw the characters as when I read the books.

The federal switch over with cable. Hello news stations we are tired of the tests that you are running with almost every newscast. And the commercials are getting as bad as political ads. If you do not know about the switch you have to be one of the following - a.) living under a rock, b.) living in another county, c.) living on another PLANET, d.) do not own a TV (but I think they are running the ads on the radio also) or e.) have been a coma for at least 8 months. We are tired of it. Government we get the point so stop with the ads.

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