Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My goodness..

Well I must admit that I have been slacking on my blogging duties.. I must admit it.. I have been goofing off on line.. Playing on a few scrapbooking message boards and playing games. Like on Play games get coins and buy your meez clothes and rooms. So it is back to blogging..

*My thoughts on the Election... Is it over yet???? I am over the smear campaigns. This candidate voted for this and that. When more of the accusations are not true.. I am tired of people bashing the president. Wake up people. HE DOES NOT MAKE THE DECISIONS!!!!! it is the Congress and House of Representatives who create the bills and tack on all these little things to the bill. You want to know where our money is going. it is because of those little bills. They pay for breaks to big companies or finances this useless projects. Like the bridge to no where.

I would like to know why we can not put both President and Vice President candidates into a blender and turn it on to make our new President... They all have great ideas and promises. I just wish they had the real power to put them into action... But like I said before The President really has not power.

*The economy.. Where to start. We did this to ourselves. Why does a CEO or Bigwig of a company who has held his position for 15 days before the company gets sold off , and he get a multi-million severance package. But the people who gave 30 years of hard work walks away with pink slip and an ulcer from trying to figure out how they will survive. He worked 15 days and walked away with more then most of those people combined made at the company their whole career.... Well I will admit.. I have a problem - financially. I like everyone else I have an addiction. No not with alcohol or drug. I have a quickutz addiction. They keep releasing these cute dies and I want them in my house. I don't need them but I WANT them. My problem is that 2 of my families I use to babysit for are not going out as much because of the tough times. I have to working on not spending as much. I am going to ask for those items for christmas. I am helping pay for my addiction is to sell some items on eBay.. So far I have sold some duplicate smashed pennies I had, a craft punch and an ornament. I have a second ornament to sell. I paid $15 and sold it for $20. The punch I paid $15 for and sold it for $40. I was amazed. It was a hard to find punch at the time. Now eBay has a bunch for sale. The money has paid for some dies and a dress for Halloween.

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Linda said...

Less than a month to go. The whole golden parachutes for executives makes me sick. Good luck with your auctions.