Sunday, December 14, 2008

This weekend...

I must say I have complete a lot this weekend. I finished the coffee mugs for the girls I work with. Then I realized I forgot one of them. Yeah but I can fix that tomorrow. I just will not give them out right away. I will do that on Friday when we do the Secret Santa reveal. Speaking of Secret Santa. I got purchased all my gifts and got them all ready for delivery. I found these Chinese takeout boxes in a woodland print at Target. So I stuffed all her Items into those. I etched her initial on the wine glasses. They are all packages and ready for delivery during this week. Mom needed an award for her work so found a beautiful vase. I etched the Top sales agent on it for her. It came out pretty good. I almost dropped it but luckily only chipped it. I was able to buff it out to the point that it is hard to see. What else... Saturday I got a call from my co-workers. They were looking to find out where I was. Well the truth behind it. They needed me to get show them how to move the photos from disks so they could make the slide show. So I got them all situated. Had a couple of glasses of wine. I also made an anklet for the person I work under. All I need is to get her an iTunes gift card. I still have to get the boys their gift, a gift for the Chinese gift exchange. I did order mom some Northern Nights wrinkle defense sheets and extra pillow cases. Things are a little tight so I can not get her everything I want to. Especially since I am driving north just after Christmas. I also got the pups washed. My bed is clean. What a great combination.

I did learn something cool.. If you order your pizza online with domino's you can watch the progress of your pizza. Yep, it is a little meter that changes as your pizza. I know the littlest things amuse me.

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