Monday, September 22, 2008

Blog Challenge

Have you taken any fall looking pictures to scrap yet?

I must say Fall is not really a season in Florida. Our seasons kind of overlap.

--Snow bird season (when all the elderly from up north head south for a warmer climate)

--Spring/Fall (They are pretty much the same. It occasionally gets nippy or down right chilly for a few then it is extremely comfortable. You may have to put a jacket and jeans on. Hey it starts getting nippy when the temps are in the 50's.)

--Summer (the time of year when you are ready to melt. The tourists are a nice pink colored and the roads have become safe again from the snowbirds)

--Hurricane (June 1st to November 30th. It is a fearful time. A time when you stock up on Bottled water, gas, tarps, Canned food, snack foods, batteries. We oil the storm shutters, check the plywood and test the generators. Watch the weather reports praying that nothing is developing in the tropic. Our cars stay topped off with gas just incase something is heading our way to make a quick escape. Northerns have have snow days we have hurricane days.)

This is the time of evening storms. They are usually not as bad the summer thunderstorms. These are from the other night. There was some occasional lightning but I was not able to capture it on film. It was all hiding behind the causeway.

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Chris said...

I love these pictures.. when up north we have 2 seasons... air conditioner season and furnance season :D

Janet said...

Great post! Being from the Midwest, I'm used to 4 seasons. It's interesting to hear how your seasons go. Here, we have tornado season from about April 1 until September.