Saturday, November 08, 2008

Blog Challenge

Blog Challenge: Let's share a blog or site you get alot of ideas/inspiration from other then 2peas.

I think I get a lot of my ideas from the Quickutz site. I love looking for everyone's ideas.

Things going on in my life. Humm. Trying to become a foster parent. We have been cleaning out the spare room to help house a little one. A couple of weekends ago we found a killer deal on a Crib, Craddle, Changing table, Mattress and Glider. All for $140. Today we went to the CITA thrift shop and found 9 4oz drop-in bottles for $0.90. Yep you read that right. I also got 5 glass coffee mugs for $1.25. Last weekend I went to a Make & Take at my LSS and learned how to clemically etch stuff. Sorry it is hard to see. I did a halloween themed cup this morning. I will post photos tomorrow.

Humm. What else.. I am still not very far in the book. I have been goofing off online. I got in touch with a friend. We have been doing a lot of talking. I have also been babysitting a little more lately. I also did some free lanch house cleaning for the family I babysit for. Tomorrow I need to take down the Halloween decorations. I know but Halloween is my favorite holiday. I went to my LSS and picked up some dies at half off. They are in their final days of being open. That is going to be a sad day. Very sad day. I am going to miss all my friends I have developed over the years. My pocket book with be a lot lighter. I say this after I just spent too much to purchase some exclusive dies and some other things from an on-line Scrapbook store. They should arrive sometime the week before Thanksgiving. I now have to figure out how I am going to store them. My little red books are full and I have not found them on line. I would like to find a hard case to put them in but just have not found what I want for a reasonable price.
I know I have not spoke out about the election. I must say I am comfident in the president elect. The vice-president elect is another thing. I would have preferred Gov. Palin. But you can not get everything you want.
I must say I am extremely happy that gas is not costing a mint to fill up your tank anymore. Here it is back down to $2.29 a gallon. I filled up my tank (unfortunately for $2.36) for under $35.00. It had at one time cost over $55.00. Yikes.. That was cutting into my scrapbooking budget.

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jill said...

Becoming a foster parent is such good thing but can be difficult. So many babies/children that need a home and love.

Now I'm curious about chemical etching.

We're down to 1.72!!! Now it costs less than half to fill up compared to a 2 months ago.