Sunday, November 09, 2008

More Etched creations

I made this yesterday morning while fixing breakfast. This is a $3.50 mug from Wal-mart. I used the Martha Stewart Dripping Goo punch to punch a border out of vinyl. I used the Archiver's spiderwed border and seperated the webs. I also cut out spiders and hung them from a strip of vinyl. The spiderwebs are the hardest to get them to stay down. I am still pleased with it. I love the dripping goo around the rim of the cup. You can do this yourself. I cut the shapes out of vinyl on my revolution machine. Important to remember - Vinyl side down. Adhear the vinyl to a clean glass surface and make sure the edges of the vinyl are secure to the surface. Coat the surface with etching cream. Rinse off any they gets on your skin. 15mins later remove the excess and put back into the jar. Under the tap rinse the glass until all the chemical is off. Peel off the vinyl and you have your etched design. I also picked up some glass mugs at a local thrift shop and plan to play with those in coming days. These will make great personalized gifts.

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