Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hard decision...

I have been asked to make a hard decision. I have been asked to shoot a wedding. I have never shot a wedding. I actually hate weddings. Sorry it is a single thing. I like nature photography. They don't talk back and they are always still. I am afraid that they will not be happy with the photos. Sharon (My co-worker) asked me if I would take the photographs. She says they can not afford a photographer. I am still learning with my new camera. I am not sure where I put my old camera. I saw it and now it is not where I saw it. I would not charge them. I would just bring them home, play with them and then burn them onto a disk so they can print the photos they like. I have a spare storyteller book so I might print it for them as a gift. I still have a little time to practice and see if I can get over the hurdle.

Side note: I typed this whole entry without a misspelled word. I am getting better... Yeah.

Things I am looking forward to: I am going to a pumpkin carving with the twins & their parents. I am thinking this could be a way to practice shooting some people pictures.. I am suppose to watch the boys afterwards. I am going to call and ask if they would like me to meet them at their house and drive over with them. They are suppose to leave part of the way through the event and go to a birthday party. This way I can drive their van back anad they can drive their car to the birthday. Their car is more stylist then mine.

Lord give me the confidence to find the courage to step out of my box and shoot the dang pictures.

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Linda said...

Good luck with the wedding. I'm sure they photos will come out great.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

My friend asked me to do her wedding and I plain flat out said no. It is her first wedding and very fancy.. so I was like no way. If it is just a little thing with not alot of extra people that is different. My view on a wedding is once the shot is lost is is gone forever...good luck and start practicing taking pictures of people like crazy!