Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ordering food

Why is it is so hard to get food order right???? Last thursday I went to Jason's Deli and ordered a Baked Potato with Cheese & butter ONLY... I get the food home and It has SOUR CREAM on it. YUCK!!!! Well tonight I go to Wendy's.. Man did they screw that order up. I even took it back and asked for my money back. I ordered a Number 1 with cheese and lettece with a Dr. Pepper and a Crispy chicken sandwich. I got a Spicy Chicken sandwich plan, a Spicy chicken combo, cold fries and a soda that was all carbination. I was not happy at all. I ended up eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Why is it so hard to follow directions. The one place I have gotten my food order right is a Chinese Take-Out. It is so hard for people to understand that some people don't like all that Crap on there food. No I do not want stuff on my burger or salad.
-- Today I started my first 24hr Urine.. What a FUN test.. You try aiming for a urine hat. it is not as easy as it seems.. Men have it easy to just aim it into the jug. Otherwise we put up the Christmas tree. It is not decorated it is just setting there partially lite. Yep some of the lights are dim.. I can not for the life of me find that one missing plug to light some of those missing strands. I will be adding some lights to our tree when we unbox the strands I bought last year. It is not the strand that was out last year. things that make you go Hummm. I worked on the lighted figuires for the front yard. This year we will have 3 deer, 2 polar bears and 2 penquins.. A real artic wonderland. We have added 2 small trees to the entryway that may last all year long. So next Thursday I just have to figuire our how to keep everything lite without blowing a fuse. The fuse attached to my bathroom. It is not like I use my hair dryer or curling iron..

Today was possibly the day that Cory and Tracy got married. We have not heard anything. She has not posted on her blog since last monday. I worry about them getting married. She has no ambition to do anything with her life. She is a sponge. I still do not 100% believe Daniel is Corys. The timing does not add up. They had split because she was hanging out with this guy and lying about what she was doing. They say all they do is fight.. Why get married then. It will only get worse.. Silliness.... She was only doing this to tie him down. She says she was pressured by co-workers.. I don't think so.. They was not saving money for their wedding so she got them one for FREE.... I must think something has changed because her IM settings have changed from the Angry woman to Breast Cancer Awareness.. Hello was last month...

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