Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006 - A lot to think about

Well as you know when I wrote Saturday night I was at the Gaylord Palms. Mom came back from her party a little after 11pm. We watched Tv for a a little while then went to bed. At about 130am mom's cell phone rang. On the other end of the phone it was a friend of my mom's asking how long it takes someone to die from taking 100 tylenol. If that does not wake you from a dead sleep. We quickly packed and left the hotel. I had the chance to wake up on the 9th floor of a 5star hotel and I had to leave in the middle of the night.. Oh now that breaks your heart. Mom pleads with her friend to tell us where she is. And she would keep hanging up. I meanwhile am driving down 417 at 80mph to make it back to the coast quickly to try and talk her into revialing her location to get her treamtment. The longer the medication stays in her system the more damage it does to her liver and kidneys. Well we find out where she is and she is taken by ambulance to Wuesthoff hospital where she is currently sitting ICU and is being monitored for organ failure. Just as we were pulling into Wuesthoff a little white car almost sideswipes me at 3am. Yikes... What a night..

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