Monday, November 13, 2006

10 days and counting -- Black Friday

Black Friday is in 10 days... Now here is the delema.. In know friday is suppose to be the day you purchase christmas gifts.. Well Problem number 1) I don't know what to buy people... They don't communicate what they want or they have everything... 2) the scrapbook store is having a sell on Saturday on something that I really want,,, well 2 somethings I really want. at a VERY good price. I know I am a Quickutz Addict and I ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!. They are having a great sell on 2 alphabets I want.. Once again a VERY GOOD PRICE. I am doing some babysitting jobs between now and then and I will use most of that money towards that.. I have Ideas for possible gifts but I just can not fiquire our what to buy... The pressure.. I found something great for my dad but they do not make it in his sports team so I have to switch to something else. Did you know they make steak branding irons with your favoriate college team.. but NO WAKE FOREST. athough they make Florida State. Speaking of Florida State Seminoles.. WHAT was with that game saturday night. You guys lost to Wake Forest. And I do not just lost, they walked all over you. 30 to 0. And 20 of those points in the first half.. Oh Come one boys.. What is with you boys. I would rather lose to U of F then Wake Forest. I had to call my father at half time to conseed because I know it was not going to be a good second half. Oh now that was painful. Very painful.. I am only use to hearing the ribbing during basketball season... NOT FOOTBALL... If you were going to lose to them a 1 point loss would have been great but 30 points are you KIDDING.. Okay that felt better..

Work post -- Oh Sharon and the Back drama.... She is on the floor 5 minutes and she can not take. "Oh my back" "This is stupid" "Why did I come in" yada yada yada...It is not her drama it is Dee drama. Amanda is sick, Kelly is hurt.. I spoke.. Your family needs vitamins and bubble wrap. She is going to put AFLAC out of business. They are constantly getting hurt and filing a claim. She constantly takes them to the ER for BS reasons and if they do not walk out with wither stitches or and antibiotic she is having a FIT. She thinks every illness needs an antibiotic, if she does not have one when she or her child leaves the doctor's office she is fussing. She has a daughter with scolieosis and she is convenced that she needs back surgery.. Hello she is 17 y/o and that will screw her up... Before I went on vacation her daughter amanda was scheduled for the same surgery I had. She thought that she would be back to work in a day or two. I told her that it is a very tough surgery and she is kidding herself about beginning back to normal in a few days.. I told her that this is a bear and rehab is a bitch. When I came back she said that amanda had a reaction to the nerve block.. Hello it was not the block she had a reaction too.. It was the PAIN she was reacting to. I was sick after my surgery too from my hand.. IT HURT and my body thought it would be fun to make me sick as a dog.. She is asking me all about weither I could move may are this way and that way.. Hello No but I did my excersices and worked at it every day and pushed myself. I made it.. If I could do it at 29 she could do it at 19. It is the days of our Hibiscus Lives..

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