Monday, November 13, 2006

Novemember 10th, 2006

Playing in Orlando
Well this day off has been planned for months but it was great to get AWAY.. This last 2 weeks have been rough..Cystoscopy last week, IVP wednesday. I kept my scheduled day off to go to the Scrapbooking expo. That was kinda disappointing. It was very hard to walk in the booths. Most of the booths where either stamps or pre-made page kits. I did purchase some of the things I wanted. I am a HUGE 7 gypsies paper company fan. There were not many diplays with their products. I did get the tags I wanted. I almost purchased the stamp I wanted. I was really hoping to find more of the wax to get some more colors to use in my book. Did not find them.. Only 2 kits in the booths. I did purchase some stencils from Rusty Pickle.. I spent most of my money at the Florida Mall where I went afterwards. I bought Mumble from Build-a-Bear. He is too soft and couddly. He has a heart that lights up and I purchased a sound box. I went to Old navy and purchased something for the pups.. I went to the Disney store and purchased a shirt and just roamed around.. As I mentioned earlier I had an IVP wednesday. On the way home I got a call that Dr. Fields is referring me to a Nephrologist next friday. I do not know what to think. When I had my CT it took almost a week to get the result. This was less then 48hrs. Hummm... Now it is a wait and see game. Yes I still have the pain, no it did not change when I took the Bowel prep (YummY). The only thing that did was hurt my stomach.. Keep you posted...

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