Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Sorry there are a lot of posts for today but I have not been updating this like I should.. Since this is an auther only blog.. I vant vent about work. We have been made to take a series of classes to make us work better as a time. I feel like the person who needs it most is not making an effort to change. She (our BOSS) still seem cold and very short and demeaning.... She walks in and say "HI"or "Good Morning" and Silence.. Crickets..

Other News -- Sharon hurt her back and has been out most of the week.. Dee is planning to make anouther 30 claims to aflac. She is limping on her ankle again. She is going to wither get us dropped from aflac or make them bankrupt.. So far this year she has had 2 surgeries to claim, Physical therapy, about 10 injuries between the girls. Now one on Tyler for a burn on his hip, and I am not sure how many claims for her & her husband.. She waits until November to submit them all for Christmas money.

Oh and Dr. Zylman is getting a divorce.. I was shocked when she came out and just spilled the beans.. Very shocked.. ..

well must go to bed..

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