Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Uriologist

They are the Mens equivalent of a GYN.. They like to poke and prode with little camera and stuff.. Do you know strange it feels to be a woman in a man's Doctor.. And to be under the age of 60.. They look at you weird... My co-worker has to see a Uriologist because she had blood in her urine. She then found out that she had Bladder Cancer (YO Smokers... Smoking causes Bladder Cancer.. Wake Up Call...) Her Uriologist calls her his young patient.. Makes her feel better but does not make things easier..I am my uriologist's problem Child.. Last week I had a Cystoscopy.. Yuck.. That is were they side a camera up your urethrea and look around while you are wide awake.. Of course he only finds some irritation at the top of my bladders.. No true cause found for the bleeding.. Good news No Bladder cancer.. Bad news more test and referral to have my Kidney beans check out.. Another specialist.. He then called me a strange little creature.. That is me.. I am scientific puzzle.. Well today I had an IVP with CT cuts.. Which means liquid diet for 24 hr (Fudged a little there.. don't tell), 3 dulcolax pills (not that is hard on the tushy) and because I am allergic to so many things I have to be pre-medicated.. No that does not mean Valium.. I have to take predinsone 20mg every 6hrs, tagament 300mg every 6hrs and 50mg of benadryl (1hr before procedure) . Of course every resturant had to run a TV commercial last night when I was starving.. Oh well.. I survived.. Now we have to wait for the results. I have to call and make an appointment for the results..

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