Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog Challenge 5/28/08

One thing you must accomplish today is...

That is not a hard one. I did not mame or kill any of my co-workers. I know that sounds awful. I have to admit I have a very whiny co-worker. She never feels good. She is always taking some type of medication. She had an IUD put in for bleeding and she constantly fusses about cramping and bleeding. She always is wanting someone to buy something for her or she wants something free. My other co-worker has more family drama the all the soap operas on daytime TV. Her 18 y/o daughter just had a baby with and abuse jerk who is a deadbeat drugie, Her oldest is a lesbian and she is not dealing with it very well. Hey she is Happy let it be. Her son is a little child in a big boys body. Her hubby can not keep a job again. Everyone lives under one roof and she moved another kid in to this madness because he has an unstable home. And I could keep on going. She spends most of her day texting and play ref for the family. It gets frustrating because I work so hard and RARELY use my cellphone. I have texted 4 times and 2 of them were for info my practitioner requested. I am just very proud that they are both still alive..

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