Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My mother and her lover..

This is my mother's lover. You always hear about children obsessed with video games. Well my mother is ALWAYS playing her Nintendo DS Lite. I have watched her play for over 6 hrs. She comes home from work and will start playing before she even eats. She is also beginning to fuss at the dogs if they block her playing. She is addicted to playing Virus Busters on Brain Age 2. Evil game.. It is like Tetris. It is suppose to help with inproving her brain function. I can not see any improvement. In fact I am see a lot of Grandma in her. I am noticing her telling the same story over again and again. Yes mother I am glad you found so and so a rental house. Yes I know she is 8 months pregnant and she was having contactions. Well mom we live in florida and she ws going from house to house and not drinking enough water. That will cause contractions. I know the one house looked disgusting. Tell the other realator. I don't care... You just need to get things closing. I don't care if you put them in a doghouse as long as you get the money. We have to pay for the house so we can stay under the roof. I do not know what caused things to start this way. I do not know if it is related with the surgery last February or the accident in October. I just notice it is getting progressively worse. I knew one day I would have to start caring more for my mother, but not this early. She is still very young and I have not had a chance to raise my own family first.

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