Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wake me when November ends..

Well Ophelia has finally moved off of the US coast after she sat on the North Carolina coast for 2 days an pounded her coast. She dumped rain for days and caused some coast flooding. Such an interesting storm.

Here is her path.

Well let me introduce you to our new friend hanging off of the Florida coast heading right into the Gulf of Mexico. This is Rita. This is a picture of Rita passing over the Florida Keys. They are projecting Rita will head for the Houston Texas area. You guessed it again right where they sent a lot oft he evaccuees from Louisiana & Mississippi. And if she wobbles any she could head right back to New Orleans and dump the water they have been working so hard on getting out of city right back on the city. More flooding. It is like mother nature is just rubbing salt into the wound. They are worried that Hurricane Rita will hit Texas at a category 4 or even a 5.

What is with these ocean waters. Besides Hurricane Rita we have Tropical Storm Philippe wondering out in the Atlantic. In the Pacific we have Tropical Storm Kenneth & Hurricane Max and Hawaii just got clearance that Hurricane Jon has moved away. Yikes!!! Just 3 more named storms & we start using the Greek alphabet to name the storms. We have 2 months before hurricane season is through. To slightly change the words of Green Day "Wake me when November ends". When Hurricane season ends..

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