Sunday, September 11, 2005

Family things

Well a lot of things have happened over the last week. Last weekend we started watching a little storm called Ophelia and wondered where she would go. She started off near Puerto Rico and started heeding toward us. She decided to park herself off of our coast for a whole week and just keep dropping rain on us. On Thursday morning I got a call from my dad at work telling me that my Aunt Evelyn had passed away sometime in the middle of the night. Now I had to decide if I need to leave my home with a Hurricane sitting off the coast and go to North Carolina where she may follow or even cross my path. Will I get up there and get stuck in North Carolina. After many conversations with my dad where she urged me to stay home beck he did not want to worry about me driving and trying to outrun Hurricane Ophelia. Well I talked to him again on Saturday night and he said everyone is doing well. He also said that grandpa said he would have paid for me to come up. Now I feel bad that I did not go up. Well here it is Sunday and now Ophelia is jumping between a hurricane and tropical storm just off the North Carolina coast where she is stalled once again. The weather people are still guessing where she may go and she just keeps them guessing. I think she will always be known at the Tourist storm, she like to visit places but does not leave to bad of a mark.

I did forget to mention that Louisiana & Mississippi where pounded by a Category 4/5 Hurricane by the name of Katrina. She has truly devastated the region. Parts of New Orleans was flooded after several levies broke from the rising waters. They are still searching homes for hold outs, abandoned pets and deceased individuals. It is truly sad that some of thesepeople lost their lives because they were foolish enough not to take weather reports seriously. If there is a high category 3 or above, I will be packed up and driving out of dodge. Not chancing it at all.

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