Sunday, August 28, 2005

Why do men do this..

Why is it that when you start to move on about a relationship you were in with them they have to pop back up and play with your heart strings? A guy from my past that I care about then he just up and disappeared with the girl he had supposable broke up with. (this was 6 years ago) the a year after he disappeared I get a call and he and her are expecting a baby... Than another phone call from him and she (the baby) is a year old.
Spring forward to Now. We have always talked when he is on shift at the fire department. I worried about him when Hurricane Charley hit his area. The thing that gets me is every time we take he has to make comments like "I still have feeling for you" I have always had feelings for you" and so on... Well if you really had feeling for me why did not take it one step further then just sex. You pretended to like me but used me then ran off with someone else and you wonder why I get defensive and snappy during our talks.
To be quite frank I have two guys like this. Both giving the same bullshit lines and excuses. I am tired of hearing "I still care about you.. Yeah what ever. You thought about that when you were using me. Don't pretend to care now because I know you are still full of Shit... The bad thing is they don't think that they did anything wrong. They did not realize that they hurt me.. Are you both that stupid? Wake up call I have shed enough tears and I am trying to move on. Why do you both have to keep bring up the past? Go run to your wives and leave me alone..... Men they are just so frustrating.

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Tami said...

You aren't the girl that has been sleeping with my husband are you? I'm actually kidding... I know it isn't you.

Krissynae said...

I don't sleep with married men but being married does not stop them from hitting on women. They seem to get mad when they are turned down for sex and can't understand why. Your married you fool that is why I will not fool around or sleep with you. DUH!!! Why can they not understand that.
A guy I dated in Junior High wanted to date and got mad because I would not date him because he was not divorced. The Divorce has to be final before I will even think about.