Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My sweet little girl is hurt....

My sweet little baby may have a slipped disc in her back. She woke me up whinning like she usually does when she wants in bed but is afraid that she will jump on Cody. When I picked her up to put her in the bed and she started screaming. I put her in the bed and she was still whinning & screaming. Moved her a little and she screamed some more. I fussed at her for being a drama queen. She still screamed so I went & woke mom up and we moved her to mom'sbed and she just wimpered when ever she moved. A little after 3 am we packaged both of them up and off we slowly go to the ER Vet. 2 hours and $243 dollars later, little Miss Gracie has been through a set of X-rays and a shot in the tushie. We get her home and on the couch a little after 5am. I crawl in bed for a little more sleep prior to going to work. When I finally get out of bed and get a shower about 6:30am, Little gracie has shallow breaths at 24 breaths in 15 secs. Well that starts me worrying me, so we head back to the ER. This doctor does another exam and thinks that her disc has slipped out a little more and causing her more pain. She gets carried by a maale nurse & she just batted those big brown eyes and he melted. Well she got 2 more shots and the instructions that if she is not better the morning she is to come back for an I.V. of cortizone. We put her on the couch where she spent her whole day resting. I left work early so we both coud get her up and moving a little so she is not stiff. We carried her outside and she was like why did you make me come out her. She wondered back in and back to the couch. We took her out later and she went to the bathroom and walked down a few houses and back. Now she is dreaming away on the couch. Poor little sweetheart..

Little Cody. He has been by her side all day. When he heard her crying in the back of the ER, he would have given anything to find her and protect her. He does not like to hear her cry. My sweet little man.

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