Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Why do they put that crap in their bodies? ? ? ?

Tell... Why do they put crap like Pot, Crack, Meth, LSD, (do I have to go on) in their bodies while they are pregnant? I found out one of my patients whom had a huge fear of having her blood taken and we had grown quite fond of during her many blood drawns throughout her 36 weeks of her pregnancy. On Sunday she delivered a 5lb 12.6 oz little boy who tested positive for cocaine in his little body. He starts off his little life to fighting an addictive substance then to have to go through withdraws alone. He was taken away from her at the hospital due to her addiction. Poor little guy, god bless his little soul. It is hard ion your heart because you worked so hard with her to conquer her fears throughout the pregnancy & she seemed to be doing well. Boy, We were fooled.

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