Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back from North Carolina -- part 2

Okay I guess I will pick up where I left off. We arrive at Grandpas house and he was suprised to see that I had made it up there. He looked very tired. Of course most of the family was munching away on food provided by people within the community. The funeral home had opened up at 2pm for the family to go up and view the body. We go back to the house and they start feeding us again. About 4 pm we go to Thomas and pa's home and get ready for the public veiwing at 7pm. There was a line out the front door until about 8:30pm when the visitors seemed to tapper off. Afterwards we go back to the house for, you guessed it, more food. Carolyn kept talking about a strawberry pie someone had brought by. We finally get home about 11pm. Wednesday (July 20th) we have the final few events to get threw. We have to be at the house by 10am because the limos will be there a little after that. Well almost all the family arrives. We get ready to loading the limos and Edwin's friend (B.S. Girlfriend) son wants to ride with the family while his mother and Edwin are riding in their own vehicle. They luckily decided to take him with them. We arrive at the chuch and the family files in an as we walk down the aisle we pass Elizabeth (evelyn's daughter) is sitting with her fiance with all the other guests. She did not even want to sit with the family. There are no problems with the grave side service. BJ hits the rode as soon as the pastor says this concludes the sevice. Elizabeth moves in to suck up to grandpa. Well we return to grandpas and change clothes since it is extremely hot and pack back into the vehicles to go back the chuch for lunch. The church provide a wonderful lunch. Meanwhile Elizabeth had returned to her mother's house and proceed to remove her items out the house. The rest of the afternoon was running to the library where he had to drop off some paperwork. While we were there a young lady and her friend found out that grandma had passed away. These 2 ladies were truly in shock. Well grandpa wanted to go out for chinese food. Most of the family went. BJ was being a total ass playing with his cellphone, trying out different ringtones in the middle of dinner. Well not long after we finished we left to come back to daadshouse and get some rest. Thirsday (July 21st) Time to come home... Yeah!!! back to my routine.. Well I get up at the same time I have all the time I have been there 6am. I do the normal stuff with getting ready. Go into dads office and go and try to check my flight information and his computer is beyond slow. can't get anywhere. As I am waiting for the site to load the news has breaking information from London saying there has been another bombing in the subway system. Well everyone gets up and moving. We get breakfast and head to the airport a little too early which was all my fault because I did not want to miss my plane like I almost did last time. So we arrived about 10:30am and sit so we leave and roam around Greensboro. About 12:15 I head to the gate and we stood around waiting to board until the time we were suppose take off and head to Atlanta. Were did not arrive at Atlanta until 2:33pm and I had less then 10 minutes to catch my flight to Melbourne. So here I have to sprint from gate 30 to gate 16. I just make it. And I am finally home. Thank goodness..

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