Friday, July 22, 2005

Back from North Carolina

I have returned from my unexpected trip to North Carolina. ~~~ This may be long post~~~
Saturday (July 16th) Mom & I spent looking for something to wear to the funeral. I also went and had my hair trimmed. That night I was asked to watch a co-workers granddaughter who is a whole 3 months old. She is truly a sweet little girl. I went to Palm Bay were they live. They have two of the biggest & cuddliest lab (1 chocolate & 1 black). Both boys have the biggest puppy dog eyes. Those 2 pups are truly in love with their new little sister. The family friends come home about 10:30 so I made my way home. Called dad to see what was planned in way of the services and stuff. Sunday (July 17th) was my birthday. We had planned to spend the day goofing off at the Disney parks. So we got up and headed to Orlando. Halfway there we got a call that they would be setting down a plan for all the funeral. So mom and I had a blast at the Magic Kingdom and Disney MGM. We came home about 7 pm and started making flight arrangements and pack. Monday (July 18th) I head to the office to tie up a few loose ends and head to the airport. Check in and head to the gate. As you know you have to have everything x-rayed and go through the metal detectors. Being in the state of mind I am in I forget to take off my wrist brace, I get tagged and have to be closer examined. What a pain in the ass. The lady waved the metal detecting wand over my body and go of in the chest area. What medal do you have there she asked - Duh underwire bra. Then it goes off at my abdomen. Duh the zipper in my pants. Okay make to the plane after that hassle. Everything is fine until we land in Greensboro, North Carolina. The pilot landed a little rough then hit the breaks pretty hard. I make it off the plane and I am picked up by Angie ( my stepsister-in-law) and their kids. We go and get something small to eat. We go back to their house and the kids start. Wanting to play games and run around. Well I am tired from being on a plane all day I just want to rest. Then John (my stepbrother) makes it home. He wants to go to an auction. Not a problem until Amanda starts throwing a fit. Total Drama.. She finally deals with it. We go and win a futon and it does not fit in the vehicle we arrive in. We return home and John & Angie go to pick up the item and leave me with the kids. We go out and play ball and while we were messing around I bumped Amanda's lip and made it bleed. You would have thought I took a limb off by her cries. The cut was less then a half an inch and stopped bleeding in less then a minute. So I gave her some ice in a paper towel and she was fine after that. Of course the little saint Michael wanted to call his mother. I told him there was no reason to because Amanda was not really hurt, it was a booboo and she will live. We come in to rehydrate and cool down. Mom & dad come home and they take me to Fudruckers for my birthday. The evening ends with us all getting cleaned up and into bed. Amanda wants to sleep in my room. I get the futon and she gets this foldout little foam couch. Well my routine is I read while I read. The show Medium is on and I leave the channel where it is. Amanda comes in after in after her mom gave her a bath and she starts asking to change the channel and I have to remind her that she is not suppose to be watching TV to close her eyes and go to sleep. Well Michael peeks in and sees that she is watching TV and runs to mom to rat out his sister. So I turn her little couch around so Amanda could not see the TV. The whole thing was a big drama act. For a 10 year old little boy he surely does not act it and his sister does not act 6 years old. Man I really like my Birth Control. Tuesday (July 19th) We get up, Angie runs the kids to her mothers house to spend the night and go to VBS. (Thank God). We load up our bags, ourselves and take off toward Lumberton, North Carolina. I think I will stop here because my hand it starting to get writers cramp. The rest of the trip will be even longer. Continue later..

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