Saturday, July 16, 2005

Late night

Well this day started out like any normal day... Crazy... Woke up early. Spill coffee on on my scrubs. Get to work and start setting up the rooms and get a call from my physician and she is going to be late. Get a call from Dr. Segina and she needs a babysitter twice today. So watch the boys after work then again at 7:30pm. Truly had fun there, they are the sweetiest little boys ever created. The aroung 8:15pm I started feeling really bad ( Nausea, dizzy, waves of sick feeling). They arrived home about 11:30 and I came home. (I did drive through the parking lot of Books-a-million to see how packed it was. The only other time I have se that parking lot is on or near a holiday.) Anyway I got home and was greeted by my mom and she told me that grandmother curry had passed away tonight. So finally got ahold of my dad. He was going to drive to Morgantown and pick up Bobby. Then they were going to drive to Durham and then probably drive onto Lumberton. That is a lot of driving very late at night. Now I am worried about him drive so late, him being tired since he has probably been up since 4am and him being emotionally drained. I worry about his health and his sugars dropping.. Doubt I will sleep tonight..

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Tami said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandmother. Your family will be in my prayers.