Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It is just another day..

I probably pissed Sharon off but oh well... I have grown very tired of doing everyone elses work. Sharon had about 7-10 labs & her rooms left to do when I left work at 5:45pm. I was rebelling.. I am not going to help her keep up.. She is a big girl she can do it. She does not help anyone else.. I did my part to help her but inputting information in the computer & printing her labs for about 6-8 of her patients while I had a patient lag. That was a lot more then I should have. She needs to learn to do them as she sees the patient. I told Jane that I needed to go because I had a deadline to register for something & it opened at 6pm.. Well I registered a few minutes late but I got in.. SDV Disney Here I COME... Yeah.... I will probably hear the wrath of Hurricane Sharon tomorrow.. She will get over it.. Oh Well... I still get to go to SDV..

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