Monday, April 25, 2005

Just another crazy Monday

Today started out the way last week should have. Last week Dr. B. W. was being a butt head. He was not too nice to his nurse Janet. Well last Tuesday Janet called out sick which she did the rest of the week. Well just when things start to get in to a rhythm something or someone has to put a wrench into it. Not only was Janet out but Jane was out helping her daughter-in-law when her new babies. So we were essentially 2 people down.. Very tight staffing wise. Of course Sharon has to act like an drama queen and show her ass as normal. She was yelling, screaming and running to management fussing and demanding to sit in on an interview that has nothing to do with her situation. I have come to the conclusion as to why she does not get anything completed when she is at her desk. She does not do anything but talk (argue) with her family and fussing about everything that does not involve her. I can not see why anyone has not done anything about her. I have come to the conclusion, I can only get done what I can. Well to get down to it, Janet told the Cherie that this would be her last day. Great.. Now I have to train someone else in the time I need to be working on things for the physician I work under. I have a stack of labs I need to complete. I have phone calls I need to make. I have some of my own appointments I need to schedule. I was so sick last week that I should have been in bed asleep and resting. Nope not me.. I was at work everyday, sick as a dog. Craziness I say... total Craziness. I feel partially bad because she did not get all the training she needed. She was given 3 days with me (truly not enough time) to learn the computer then was thrown to the wolf when sharon & I both had scheduled time off. That is not fair for anyone.. & m was not giving my time off because I had scheduled it back in December. Well this is enough babbling for today..

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