Sunday, April 24, 2005

This weekend has really flown by. I spent a lot of time resting since I have been fighting an allergy attack all week. I have finally gotten over it. I can breath like a normal person again. I have accomplised many things this weekend also. Yesterday We went shopping & picked up some plants for the yard. I purchase 2 more rose bushes for the yard. I planted some Rain lily bulbs and some buttercup bulbs. I also worked on a scrapbooking swap project that I signed up for. Today I vacuumed out the SUV and inally put the seats back in from the moving process. I also brought a few items from the garage so now I can park in the garage.. I also went out and watered all the newly planted plants and blubs. But like I said before, this weekend has flown by. I truly do not want to go to work tomorrow. I want to sleep late with a sun kissed puppy. I don't want to have to deal with grumpy patients who think that the world it going to stop if they do not get thier prescription for hormones called in right now. Or Mrs. Shepper how thinks she is going to bleed to death if she stop the low dose birth control. Lady you are51, it is time to stop them. You are so concerned about the density in your breast, well news flash if there is something wrong with them they are going to take you of the pills faster then you can blink.. so get off your pill addiction. Okay..this is it for today.. Will come back tomorrow and complain about work & see if everyone shows up tomorrow.

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