Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A good family tv show

I just watched a great show on discovery health. It was called 14 children and Pregnant again. It is about a story about love at first sight when he was 17 & she was 15. Their first date was to a senior dinner. They worked hard paid off all their debts. They never purchase anything they can not afford. Their first child was born after they were married 4 years. Then came the first set of twins (a boy & girl). Total including the new addition 10 boys & 5 girls. They were currently living in a with only 2 bathrooms. They (the oldest son & the father) are in the process of building a larger home with several bathrooms. Michelle (the mother) home schools the children & each child learns the violin & piano. The chidren work on the buddy system, one older child to one younger one. This show is one that people should watch.

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