Thursday, January 27, 2005

Long days..

Today was such a long day that just added to the worst week. We had 4 patients lose there pregnancies. Yesterday we did a biopsy on a woman that did not like very hopeful for a positive outcome. Then today just never seemed to end. The patients just kept coming. My supervisor does not seem to get the staffing issues we have. They have this "wonderful" plan for a one on one plan. But we do not have enough medical staff (MA's) to set this plan in action. The doctors seem to think their assigned MA does nothing but sit around playing on the computer & eat chocolates. Their plan is to have us input their labs & call patients with results. They do not realize we are working with another practioner when they are away. If your physician is on call & out of the office in the afternoon you are probably working with the Nurse Practioners. Which means we are serving to Eileen's beck & call or patiently waiting for Lynn to finish. Oh the frustration........ 

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