Thursday, February 03, 2005

Men are so frustrating

   Well about two weeks ago I started talking to this young man. He seemed nice at first. Then he started with the "I don't seem to have your full attention." Crap after a few days of talking. To me that is a little on the pushy side. We are not a couple and you are starting to freak me out. After 2 weeks you are talking about missing me when I am work. Dude you do not really know my life. It is not a pretty world. I am constantly working with life & death. I come here to unwind not be hounded by someing who can rattle off questions faster then I can type. Yikes... He is a nice guy but it is not a good feeling when the first night we talk you start talking about your Ex's. Dude that is truly not how you start off a conversation with someone. Big turn off.

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