Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The miss adventures of a spotted pup.

I must say when people say Dalmatians are dumb should live with my two. It is truly like living with 2 three year olds. I.V. Grace is not as bad as Cody is. Gracie is my Snob, Princess, scaried cat and most of all she is the DRAMA QUEEN. If you brush her side she will scream like you are killing her. If she wants something Cody has she will constaintly whine like a big sigh. Cody is my thinker. She is constaintly thinkingof how to tease his sister, get what her wants and most of all cause trouble. At our other house we had to but a lock on the pantry to keep him out of the pantry. He will stick his head out of the doggie door and check the weather. When the sun comes out he will run out and sun himself. If the sun moves out of his normal sunning spots he will find a new location then come in and tell Gracie where the new sunny spot is. Tonight we were watching TV and the new Wendy's commercial with the odd shaped family and they fall into a rut and make these sound like tallking. Well Cody was extemely interested in it, watched the whole commercial then put his head back down. Last night the pups were given Benedryl because the storm, well he ate the bread off of the pill and spit it out when we were not looking. Crasy little guy.

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