Thursday, June 23, 2005

The North Carolina side of my family....

Their health is totally frustrating. Around mothe's day grandpa was taken to Duke University hospital because of chest pain, abdominal pain and abnormal blood levels. After almost a week they find that his gallbladder has a few stones in it and must be removed. Well, two weeks ago they admit Grandma to do a heart cath (it was origionally scheduled around mother's day). They found that she had three blocked arteries that were too narrow to stent so she was scheduled for a triple bypass. On June 13th she had her surgery and she seemed to be back on track. The about Thursday of last week she started taking a turn for the worse. She just seemed to only want to sleep. Saturday started getting worse, would not wake up, they found that her heart was not working like they had hope. She now back on most of the tubes she was one after surgery. Last night dad said she would respond to question. Also while this is going on dad's sugars are going wacky. Grandpa's leg is bothering him. The lumberton branch are too lazy or scared to go visit her in the hospital (Great bunch)... And I must go because I am scheduled to have my 3 remain wisdom teeth pulled.. YUCK!!!!!!! & OUCH!!!!!. Time to go

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