Monday, August 01, 2005

Harry Potter & The Half-blooded Prince

****If you have not finished the book MOVE ON - Spoiler Post****

Well I have finally finished Year six of the Harry Potter series. In about 2 weeks I must add which is pretty good for me. This book was just totally wrong. The ending was just Horrible. One of the greatest characters was killed off. Yes Dumbledore was killed by one of his trusted members of staff, Severus Snape. I can not believe the way the book ended. There are a few pointsof the books that I tuly enjoyed. Harry finally going after Ginny then he pushes her away for search out and kill the person who took everyone Harry has loved away. Tonks confessing her love for Remus and it starting to head toward a direction for happiness & love. But the Death of Dumbledore is just so heart wrenching... I am so in mourning now.. Heart broken. And what is even worse it will probably be another 2 years before the next book comes out.. Oh frustrating.. Hurry Up J.K. Rowling and finish book 7!!!!!!!!!!!!

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