Saturday, July 30, 2005

How dogs are like children..

It is so funny to seehow dogs are just children. Cody is truly the rotten little brother. He teases I.V. Grace. Today apparently Cody was trying to be his adventurous little self by attempting to dig out of the yard. We noticed they were out side for a long amount of time. When I called them inside I.V. Grace was acting like she knew he was up to something he was not suppose to be up to... You got it a planned escape. Went I looked at Cody's toes you could see that they were dirty. When I walked out to investigate she showed me exactly where he was digging. She was truly proud of what she had done by telling on him. I don't need children because I already have two of them. Well I must go see what mischief they are into now because he keeps running on to the porch and she is still outside..

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