Thursday, October 27, 2005

The storm..

---- Some how this got deleted----

After spending the morning preparing the house for the visit from Hurricane Wilma. We put up the shutters in the front and closed the shutters on the back of the housee, we removed all of the fall decorations and brought in the bird feeders. After cleaning up we decided to go spend the afternoon at Epcot. We toured the world sampling wines from the different countries. On our way home we hit one of Wilma's bands and it was a nasty one at that. It had spawned tornados throughout brevard. Yeppers I was driving right through it all. As the sun arose the next day, Wilma had started her attach on the Florida coast. We awoke to the winds a howling and the rain pounding the house and a tornao warning with as many as 10 possible tornado systems within the area. Wilma stemroller her way across the state until mid afternoon. It was said that Wilma strengthed after coming ashore.

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