Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

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Hours are ticking away. She is due to strike the Florida coast (around Marco Island) about 7am. Which means a whole day of winds and rain. We spent this morning preparing. We closed the shutters and picking up yard decorations. Then we headed off to play at Epcot. It is Food & Wine Festival. Time to wash your worries of Wilma away with wine. I must say Australia has some mighty taste wine. We then decide to leave about 7pm and go pick up the wine we sent to the front. Well of course it is not there. So we decided we would ride the monorail until the wine is made it to the front. On our approch to the monorail station at Epcot it starts pouring. So we got soaked running to the package pick area where we still have to wait because they still have not found our stuff. When she finnally appears it starts pouring again. We make it to the car with the lightning flashing above us. On the way home we end up driving throught a storm severe enough to casue the Weather service to issue a torando warning, right in the area I am driving toward. Yikes.. I think I may have broke the stearing wheel gripping it so tight. We finnally made it home safely.

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