Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Out of the mouth of Babes..

A little about my part time job. I watch a set of 2 year old twin boys for one of the doctors I work with. They are 2 very bright boys and they truly amaze me. It has been almost 2 weeks since I last watched them due to them going on vacation and me having my wisdom teeth removed. Tonight I was asked to watch them while Mom & Dad went out to dinner. Well they were just going down to bed when mom & dad left. I always leave the baby monitor on to listen for any problems. Bedtime is about 8pm. Of course they are not really ready for sleep. So you hear the two of them just talking away to each other. Usually it is Gino who is up and talking away at night. Well tonight Domonic decided to join in and talk the night away. They babble and talked off and on until about 8:45pm. Out of the blue one of them says "where mommy and daddy, will you be quiet and trying to sleep". I truly though I was going to fall of the couch laughing at them. It was priceless. I will have to start taping them it to share their cuteness. The about 9:15pm I heard fireworks being set off outside and decided to go up and check on them and make sure they are in bed and sleep. I walk in the room and peek in on Dominic on the left hand side of the room and see him wiggle. then tip toe over to Gino and can hear him snorning away. As I head back to the door I notice the Domonic move some and see that he is still away. I ask him why he is still awake and he asks "Mommy, Daddy". I tell him it is Miss Christy and he asks "where mommy & daddy?". I tell him they went out to dinner. So the little thinker he is he ask "Mommy & daddy hungry". How sweet is that. I tel them that will be back soon and he will see them when he wakes up then rub his little back as he curls up to go to sleep. Could you just not eat them up? They are truly 2 bright little sweethearts. I could truly give up my give up my day job and watch them all day and not feel one bit bad about leaving work..

Update on Grandma - She has had most of her tubing (endtracheal tube, NG Tube and so on) removed and is still hanging in the condition she was prior to removing the tubes. There has not been any improvement. She just wants to sleep all the time and her heart is not putting the output they were expecting. We will see how it goes from here. She has been the Hospital since June 13th and has only spent one night out of the ICU unit. Her Iron over the weekend was 7.2 and 9.4 so they are worried about internal bleeding. Only time will tell.

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