Sunday, October 16, 2005


Why do they like to push that nerve. I watched 2 new kids last night (Age 4 & 2 3/4). I must say these children have never heard the word "NO". We were working on crafts and I took the glue because she was using most of the glue and getting it all over the place. She had total meltdown. I tried to explain that she needed to share and not use all the bottle at once. "I want my daddy". When they did leave they both had meltdown. She was very easy to calm down and get back into the living room to watch TV. He made a huge production. It lasted 20 to 30 mins. You could truly see it was an act. No Tears at all. So he runs back to the front window and crying again. So I swoop him up and take him kicking & screaming to his bedroom. We sit down and I try to talk to him and he just is not going through. He wants to fuss and so I will let him. So I return to the little girl who is calm watching TV and he soon follows and make the production at the end of the pull out couch.I told him to give it up that I knew it was an act. He continued for a few more minutes and then curled up in a chair and fell asleep. I truly love watching the boys because they never act like that. These 2 kids enjoy telling people that they "Hate You". How could you let your child get away with that. A 4 y/o should never say that. My boys say please & thank you. Why can't they all be like them.

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