Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why are men such @^%$#^$

Why can men never find it in themselves to be honest and tell woman that they are in a relationship. Mr. Dave who states he is just to busy for a relationship is now married. And I mean Just married in the last week or so. Laying sack of shit. Boy he will hear it if he ever calls here again. Mom & I decide to stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner and guess who is sitting a few tables away with a young lady by his side. I noticed that she is wearing a wedding set and it took me until we were leaving to see that he was also wearing a wedding band. Fucking prick. Why do I keep attraching this types of assholes. I am truly tired of it. He did not mention when he came over here is September that he was getting married. I quess it was just use the doormat one more time before tieing the knot. I can not believe that I let him walk all over me for over 5 years.

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