Saturday, July 31, 2004


I am sitting here listening to it rain. The rain drops splashing in the concret & pounding on the patio roof. There is an occasional glimmer across the sky. Sometimes there is a shutter of the windows as thunder shakes the house. It would be great to have a swing out on the porch with a fire pit, reading my Harry Potter book. Just swinging in the breeze.

The weight loss issue is driving me nuts. Wednesday I was sent back to week 1 menu with nothing but fish & chicken. I am about to go nuts with the chicken. I am tired of eating chicken. I eat is almost 6 freakin days a week. I'm going to turn into a chicken..... I don't like fish that much. I will eat shimp but do not feel like cooking 2 different meals for us. Mom barely eats chicken & only eats fish sticks. I guess I will be eating a lot of salads with shrimp or chicken...... YUCK....

Good news: My father called to ask if I had vacation time. I told him not much but if I needed off I would take it. SO..... My dad may come down next weekend & spend a day with me... Not with carolyn's family & me to drive up there.. But with Me Alone...... To do something fun with me. We may go up to the space center & goof around. I can not wait..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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