Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Frustrated with the world

Well I will say that the family is doing the same.

Work is beyond venting. I work with some blind idiots as a management team. I have a co-worker who is has a very bad drinking problem. Management is aware of the problem & has done nothing about this problem. One of our so called management members, states she use to work in a drug & alcohol rehab center. Nothing has been done about it. The last few weeks she has been complaining of chest pain. She goes to the hospital but checks herself out before they have determined what happening inside her. So what does she do, goes on a cruise & comes back married. now she has been out the last 3 days with a varity of excuses. You should not call in sick without telling you husband not to call you work. She can not concentrate, she has the shakes, she is making serious mistakes & you can smell the alcohol on her breath. She is either on a binge or her new hubby has put his foot down & she is going through detox. What she going to have to do hurt someone or drop a baby before she is sent for help?????????? My supervisor is trying to get into nursing school. She worries me because she just can not think out of the box, so to speak. She does not have the people skills to treat patients well & do it at a low speaking level so that the whole office does not hear. She may do well in a medical office or a nursing home but she will fail in a hospital (L&D or ER) setting. God please do not let me or any of my family members fall in to her hands for care.

Weight------- It has completely stalled out. No weight or inches loss since surgery. I am not sure what my body is up to anymore. It is firming up but no loss. I want it gone. Do I have to go back to week 1 of the diet & starve for 4 weeks. Just totally frustrating........

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