Sunday, July 18, 2004

My birthday :-(

Well yesterday was my 29th birthday & all I did was sit around. We had plans of going to Orlando & goof around over there on International Drive. Well by the time mom had finished talking to her hopefully future clients, she did not feel well enough to go. She felt perfectly well before handbut yuck!!!!. Now it is Sunday & she has the energy to go to the movies. Well I have laundry to finish & a few earns to run. I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE MOVIES. You did not want to go any other time I suggested. Well I want Chinese food but she does not feel like that either. So we are going to Cracker Barrel instead. So I sit here watching the rain fall outside waiting for her to get ready.

Oh yeah grandpal is doing well at home. Now Evelyn was admitted on Friday to the hospital because she has Congestive Heart Failure and they want to do further testing. Carolyn called to wish me a Happy Birthday, & she told me about how she was kind enough to help my grandmother while he was in the hospital & to even clean their kitchen (Which could have been condemmed by the health department because it is so bad.) I think when I was there in Decemeber the food was trying to escape from the kitchen out of the back door for a better life. Run food Run!!!!! Of course Evelyn or Edwin never called or went to visit grandpa while he was in the hospital. Evelyn would not even answer the phone when they called to tell her how he was doing after surgery. I am beginning to wonder what kind of drugs grandma was on or did she drop the middle 2 children on their heads as babies. They are worthless pieces of skin. It must be a gene because Evelyn's daughter Marie is just as he mom is.

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