Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My Family gives me Chest pain

My father's side of the family truely gives me CHEST PAINS. I just got off the the phone with my father. He is at Duke University Hospital were my grandfather just had 6 stints put in, 3 of which was located in his Carotid artery which was 95% blocked. Last year, My grandmother fell walking into a surgery suite to have her cataracts taken care of so she could see better prior to having her knees repaired. Well her fall was bad enough to break her ankle pretty bad requiring surgery & possibly broke a few ribs. She has not been able to get out of a wheelchair since this happened. Well this is going to be extremely interesting. After this he is not going to be able to push her around, up & down the ramp & put her chair into the van. And let me get started on their middle children. Edwin- useless redneck who does nothing to help his mother or father out with ANYTHING. He just sits around the house living off them, hunting, working on cars & watches them raise (which they have done his whole life-20 years now) his free-loading redneck son. When I was up there in December their house was a disgrace. There was barely enough room to walk around. There was no place to sit anything down on the kitchen cabinets. There was a Tool box still sitting in the living room from 2 christmas's ago. I don't know how they could think this is NORMAL TO LIVE IN THIS!!!! Evelyn- she does nothing but eat & breathe. She has never done anything with her life but raise her 3 children (1 normal, 1 semi-normal & 1 really messed up) & spouge off my grandparents & spend their life savings. A few years ago she was place in the hospital after she had a heart attack secondary to her high blood sugar level. They had declaired her brain dead, they did not realize there was not too much activity up there to start with. She has been on disablity ever since, just an excuse to not get a real job & do real work. I do not know how these 2 adults who either live in or close by could not help clean up this household???? My father (The oldest) & my uncle Bobby (the youngest) live to far away & have stable jobs, but have helped with the house repairs & clean up. Where to middle 2 born with a gene that prevents them from using the brain god gave them?????????? More chest pains & now a headache to add to it !!!!!!!!

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