Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The adventure of trying to register for school.

I now know why kids drop out of college. It is truly a pain in the butt & almost impossible to get registered for classes. I have spend more time trying to register for classes this week then I have been home. I spend 2 hours friday re-registering into Brevard Community college only to be told to come back Wednesday so my paperwork can get into the computer & become an active student. I was instructed to sign into talk to an advisor on Wednesday. Well I leave work a little earlier then I usually leave so I can get there & get home farly quickly. Driving home I realise I am not sure that I have enough gas to make to BCC, so I pull in to a HUGE gas station named Sunco. Put my card in to the pump. It says "Pay inside". I is daylight out why do we need to go inside to pay. I waddle my shrinking butt into the store, pick up a drink & go the registers (Yes 2 of them). There is a line with the total of about 8 to 9 people in them. The 2 bimbos behind the bullet (riot) proof glass are aguing because one of the idiots (the cashier at the head of the line I am in) register will not ring up gas. Of course everyone is trying to get gas. I just give up & return my Sierra Mist back to the cooler & waddle back to the truck. Now I am praying that I do not have to push my litte SUV to the the next gas station. By some luck I make to the next station & fill up. Pull out & guess what..... The Railroad gates goes down. Why must I always catch the train when I am in a hurry (Yup, caught this morning as I rushed to work, my luck 2 in 1 day). Finally on my way again. I make & sign in a 5:45pm. Sit & read until my name was called at 6:15pm only to find out I AM STILL NOT ACTIVE IN THE SYSTEM. The advisor tells me she can not help advise me which classes I need until I pick a major (more specific then General AA or AS) & become active in the system. So I am sent back to registration (Yeah were I dropped my paperwork off at on friday) to have this sorted out. Sign in at 6:35pm. Finally make it to a registration clerk, who pulls my paperwork from Friday & states "we are finding that is has been taking a little longer then 3 dayto get the students active in the system. I now 5 minutes earlier tell a student 3 days, poor boy you will be wondering around like me on Friday.... Well by now it is almost 7pm. The she tells me that I am registered for A&P 2 online BUT I need to call the community education branch to register for EMT Refresher. Great... This means more time running around BCC to get this class also... I am half register, I have not paid for my classes or picked up my books, none of which I can do because it is now after 7pm and those departments are closed. This means I have to try & register for EMT refresher tomorrow & spend Friday (again) trying to finish registering. I never had this much trouble trying to register at the Palm Bay campus. So very frustrating. Yikes..... My head is still aching for this evening. well I am going to take something for my head & get some shut eye.

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