Monday, August 16, 2004

It's way too early.

It is bearly 4am & I am wide awake. I woke about about 3am with my mind wondering again. It is worried about the book ituation. I purchase a Textbook on Ebay Wednesday. Wrote the seller quickly giving him my address & zip code so he could hopefull get the book out on Thurday even Friday. Requested a total again Thursday, No reply. On Friday I receive an E-mail stating he had been evaquated from school du to the approaching Hurricaine & has had problems locating someone with a computer to reply. Took my information & stated he would package it up & get a total soon. I sent him an E-mail telling him I could meet him to pick it up & the first time the E-mail was returned, but I resent the E-mail & it has seemed to go through fine. Well class starts this am & I have not even started to read any of the required reading. Now I am stuck required to purchase this book when i have one in the trunk of the I could be reading but can't because I plan to return it since the one I bid on was less & it would allow me to get the other books. Ordering it from him saved me about $60 but may cost me to fail my first test... Oh the frustration. I have decided if I do not hear from him by Tuesday or Wednesday I will go ahead & open the one I have & contact Ebay to get out of the this.  I need to study!!!!!!!!!

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