Saturday, August 14, 2004

It's Raining

Well Charley has come & gone. He really put a hurting on this state. Not much is left in Charlotte County where he came ashore. They have found 15 dead so far & expect a lot more as they go door to door in the wreckage of homes & business'. The picture are heart breaking. Orlando took a pretty bad hit. They reported wind gust of 105 mph. The news teams are showing pictures from the airport & how the Charley moved the planes like toys. They estimate it may take up to 2 wks to restore power to the Orlando area. There are lots of trees down & roofs & shingles to replaced. Cory & Tracy lost power for about 24 hrs. Malabar reported a tornado around midnight. It will return to normal soon. It has been raining off & on today. Some times it was very hard. The winds have been pretty calm.

here are some links to local news stations that will show you the latests. (at least for a few days)

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